Partners, advisors and supporting along the journey

Our Focus

We invest for the long term, span technology sectors and range investments from seed to growth.

We look for companies solving big problems in very big markets. We help founders create and scale these companies globally, through two decades of experience.


Our Purpose

We are here to build foundations for success with the people, product and market we invest and partner with.

Creating innovation, jobs and economic development within Ireland and Europe. Supporting our founders achieve massive scale and enduring success. 

We focus on our LPs goals and strategic objectives to ensure we are delivering on our promise.

Our Principles

We’re friendly and informal people, but driven to win. We focus on delivering consistent strong returns but have fun doing it.

Relationships are important to us. Our management team have successfully worked together for 20 years and know each other very well!

Question everything. We know that to truly understand, you must ignore the status quo and put everything under the lens.

We think long term. Over time, over cycles and over trends, we focus on the long term value of people, product and markets.