Complex decisions simplified

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EdgeTier’s platform works seamlessly with customer service agents to answer customer queries more efficiently and accurately

EdgeTier deliver high-quality analytics products and services to our clients in the areas of customer service, customer simulation, and analytics services. Customer service is changing. Customer expectations are rising.

Faster response times, better service, faster time to resolution are basic expectations bundled with inbound requests. EdgeTier combine domain knowledge with specialist technical skills to deliver high-impact statistical insights, predictive models and data-driven business advice.

Arthur is EdgeTier's automated agent assistant which works seamlessly with customer service agents to answer customer queries more efficiently and accurately, yet retaining a personal touch for every customer.

Arthur uses cutting edge analytics, machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence technology to generate personalised and accurate responses to every customer query. Customer contact centres using Arthur are seeing reductions in average handling times of up to 80% for inbound customer queries - get in touch with us now to see how Arthur can revolutionise your contact centre.




Creating financial futures


Into Africa: Irish start-up wins funding to lend to emerging markets

Source: The Irish Times

Irish fintech start-up Umba, which facilitates micro-loans to emerging economies in Africa, has closed a funding round with two leading Irish venture capital firms that will pave the way for the company to lend up to €1 million a month.

The company, which was started by former Munster rugby professional Barry O’Mahony and co-founder Tiernan Kennedy.

The firm was established to meet the needs of the rapidly-growing African mobile payments and debt market. It already has 170,000 customers in Africa, many of whom lack access to basic banking facilities, but can use umba’s smartphone app as use of the devices grows across the continent.

“Traditional banking doesn’t work in developing markets for a number of reasons. In Kenya, poor transport options, low average incomes and no bank in close proximity are all contributory factors to less than 40 per cent of the population having bank accounts,” Tiernan Kennedy.




Digital pathology


Deciphex is developing digital pathology software applications, for clinical and toxicologic pathology Their applications improve productivity and help pathologists focus on the critical content.

The pathology industry is beset with increasing caseload and diagnostic complexity, against a globally declining number of pathologists to service the workload.

Digital Pathology, seen as a great potential for productivity enhancement, has not fully delivered on that promise. Some ROI studies have, at best, demonstrated marginally positive return on investment with others demonstrating negative impact on cost post implementation.

Deciphex believes that digital pathology, combined with artificial intelligence, will help make pathologists work more efficiently in the future, and offers a solution to the pending crisis in supply/demand in pathology services.

Deciphex plans to be at the forefront of the digital pathology revolution with cleverly-positioned solutions that deliver on the biggest problems facing pathology today.




Optimising urban bus networks


CitySwifter is a data-driven scheduling technology that makes bus routes more efficient

CitySwifter is a data-driven scheduling and planning technology for urban bus networks. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict journey times and passenger demand, making routes more efficient.

Using CitySwifter, schedulers can create optimised timetables that take into account traffic, events and hundreds of other external factors, ensuring on-time performance and increased passenger satisfaction.

CitySwifter combines transport data with hundreds of sources to reduce operating costs and increases fare revenue for operators, and improve passenger satisfaction.


Tandem HR

Tandem HR

Feedback that inspires

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Tandem’s Saas based solution provides a simple, elegant way for leaders, employees and teams to give, request and receive feedback.

Tandem HR seeks to revolutionise the performance management process. By facilitating bringing the employee into the feedback loop, Tandem allows companies to identify the real leaders within their organisation and identify top talent.

Act is an early stage investor in Tandem HR.

Tandem’s award-winning feedback app is designed to make feedback in the workplace a comfortable experience, facilitating anyone to give feedback in real-time to their colleagues.




Always be compliant


AQMetrics was founded in 2012 by a blended team with deep experience in delivering regulatory risk and compliance solutions.

AQMetrics recognised that the accepted methods of managing risk and compliance were slow, outmoded and inefficient.

They drew upon the founders’ backgrounds in technology, law and financial services to build a platform that performed markedly better.

AQMetrics was ranked as one of the top 50 European businesses transforming financial services, is looking to double headcount and open an office in mainland Europe on the back of a number of recent big contract wins.




Contractor management software

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GoContractor is a leading provider of contractor management software specifically tailored for heavy industry.

The GoContractor online platform modernizes the contractor management process, making the process more flexible for both the sub-contractor and their employer. The days of messy paperwork, endless amounts of forms and workers waiting around are over. GoContractor customers enjoy the peace of mind that all workers on site are fully compliant with documentation, qualification and training requirements. 

Employees, contractors and visitors complete their induction in advance and arrive for work 'pre-inducted'. GoContractor saves customers time & money, improves onsite security by capturing all workers registration details securely in the cloud, and improves safety compliance with administrator instant access to training records.




Micro-location solutions


Decawave enables a completely new
class of emerging products and services, and delivers new revenue streams across several industries.

Decawave develops semiconductor solutions, software, modules and reference designs that enable real-time, ultra-accurate, ultra reliable local area micro-location  services. Decawave is headquartered in Ireland, with regional headquarters in California and China, and a presence in South Korea, France and Japan.

UWB chips are the best way to offer the most accurate indoor and outdoor real time location tracking services. In the IOT world of tomorrow, the use cases that rely on real time location tracking services will continue to accumulate exponentially. Decawave is poised to capture this opportunity by supplying companies across verticals, from automotive to smart home devices. ACT is an expansion investor in Decawave, helping to provide the capital and advice required to execute its scaling strategy on a global basis.

The ACT Fund invested in Decawave is supported by the European Investment Fund.