Micro-location solutions


Decawave enables a completely new
class of emerging products and services, and delivers new revenue streams across several industries.

Decawave develops semiconductor solutions, software, modules and reference designs that enable real-time, ultra-accurate, ultra reliable local area micro-location  services. Decawave is headquartered in Ireland, with regional headquarters in California and China, and a presence in South Korea, France and Japan.

UWB chips are the best way to offer the most accurate indoor and outdoor real time location tracking services. In the IOT world of tomorrow, the use cases that rely on real time location tracking services will continue to accumulate exponentially. Decawave is poised to capture this opportunity by supplying companies across verticals, from automotive to smart home devices. ACT is an expansion investor in Decawave, helping to provide the capital and advice required to execute its scaling strategy on a global basis.

The ACT Fund invested in Decawave is supported by the European Investment Fund.