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Keelvar is a provider of a sourcing optimisation and sourcing automation SaaS software solution

Keelvar is a university spin-out company from University College Cork (UCC) and is headquartered in Cork, Ireland. The company was founded by Alan Holland, a former research fellow and lecturer specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Auction Theory and Optimization.

The company was formed to address a problem encountered by the founder’s family chemical company, Acorn Water. They wished to communicate richer and more expressive bids in procurement events that allowed them to play to their strengths and communicate their weaknesses so they could avoid unprofitable contracts. Expressive bid processes rely on optimization technology to calculate winning combinations of offers.

Alan Holland’s PhD research focused on electronic commerce and mechanisms for improving economic efficiency in complex trading environments such as energy storage, transportation, print, packaging, waste, chemicals and maintenance services. Spotting the inefficient outcomes in numerous sourcing events he decided to turn his attention to helping buyers source more efficiently. And this is something that Keevlar has been doing ever since.