Onboard with Cityswifter

CitySwifter image.jpg

We are delighted to announce our investment in CitySwifter, the Galway-based tech company that improves the efficiency and service quality of urban public transportation systems.

We monitored the traction in the UK market, with a number of the largest publicly trading, UK-based multinational transport companies signing up to the service, and the interest in changing in the public transport industry towards providing consumers with smarter transportation through technology. As of now, CitySwifter has analysed data and optimised urban bus networks in eight of the UK’s largest cities and with this investment, they are on route to becoming a leader in “data-driven decision making” for bus networks globally.


Brian O’Rourke, co-founder and CEO of CitySwifter stated,

We’re delighted to close this venture capital funding round with participation from some of Ireland’s most experienced entrepreneurs and investors. We can now branch out from the eight cities in the UK where we have already analysed data and scale up our operations across further bus networks in the UK and beyond. This round of funding, with the notable investors and capital, gives us an opportunity to grow and continue to help large public transportation companies and authorities globally to revamp bus networks for both business and passenger service level improvements”.


The company plans to recruit tech and commercial talent from around the world to join them in their Galway headquarters where the company intends to double headcount from their current team this year. The ideal candidates would work with high level software development or data science. CitySwifter is also working towards opening offices in London and New York.